The Chenrezig Fund


Tenzin dreams of getting a good education yet his parents cannot afford his school fees.  The Tibetan Children's Home can care for all Tenzin's needs for only $450 per year?  Will you be the one who gives him the precious gift of literacy and education?


The Chenrezig Fund, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization devoted to assisting Tibetans in their efforts to survive as a distinct people and maintain their unique and ancient cultural heritage.  We do this by finding sponsors for impoverished Tibetan refugee children and elders who are living on the Indian subcontinent.  We also raise funds for the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund that supports several Tibetan refugees pursuing higher studies.

We trust that this visit to our website will provide you with the necessary information to know how you can give a needy Tibetan refugee child the precious opportunity to improve his or her life through education, give a Tibetan elder the peace of mind that he or she has sufficient funds to cover living expenses in his or her old age and/or give a Tibetan student the funds necessary to pursue higher academic studies.

Supported Projects

  • Sponsoring the education of Tibetan refugee children living on the Indian subcontinent
  • Sponsoring the living expenses of needy Tibetan elders living on the Indian subcontinent
  • Providing scholarships for Tibetans to attend colleges and technical schools
The Chenrezig Fund depends on the generosity of donors to support these projects that benefit Tibetan refugees.  Fortunately, many kind donors have already offered their support.  However, there are still many Tibetans who need sponsorships and many that have applied to the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund.  The Chenrezig Fund welcomes contributions from all those who desire to help these Tibetans continue their education, thereby improving their ability to sustain themselves and maintain their unique cultural heritage in the modern world.

Those interested helping to sponsor a Tibetan child or elder or contributing to the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund can send donations along with the completed donation form below to:

Chenrezig Fund, Inc.
211 Campbell St.
Madison, WI 53711-2203

Help these children get a good education.

Help this elder obtain adequate living expenses.