The Chenrezig Fund


Scholarships for Tibetan Refugees

The Dalai Lama has repeatedly urged his people to educate themselves as a means of maintaining their ancient cultural heritage in the modern world. Yet, as refugees living with limited resources in third-world countries, most Tibetans do not have sufficient funds to afford higher education programs. With only a high school degree, there are few employment opportunities on the Indian subcontinent to advance oneself and one’s people.

Over the past eleven years, the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund has provided academic support for 34 needy Tibetan students desiring to pursue higher education, including two law students in Bangalore, India, two nursing students in Dehra Dun, India, a Computer Applications student in New Deli, India, three Commerce students in Chandighar, India, a Dental student in Kathmandu, Nepal, and a psychology student at the University of Minnesota, a predental student and a nursing student at the University of Wisconson-La Crosse, a Nursing student, a Dental Hygiene student and a Computer Programming student at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin.

Contributions to the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund. Since the Chenrezig Scholarship Fund has not yet established an endowment fund from which to draw scholarship support for these students, we must depend on the continued generosity of donors to the Fund. We welcome any and all donations to our Scholarship Fund so that it can continue to help Tibetans improve their lives and well being through education.